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Your Home’s Lawn

Save My Yard! 

Let’s help Mother Nature with some water.
Watering the correct way can help keep your lawn green in the dog days of summer w/o wasting your water. Don’t run a sprinkler all night; it encourages lawn disease and does waste water. Afternoon watering loses as much as 60% of the water to evaporation and wind. Early AM watering is the best. Try at least 1/2 inch twice a week or 1 inch of water a week; this should be enough water to get the moisture down to the root zone. If you use a hose and sprinkler, put out several tomato paste cans throughout the sprinkler’s watering zone and measure the amount of water collected in 30 minutes and 60 minutes. When the water depth reaches the desired level, you now know how much time to water with your sprinkler from now on. Same measurement tools for a complete lawn irrigation system.
Check the soil moisture by sticking a screwdriver in the ground after watering. If it goes into the soil 6 inches easily, you have done your job correctly.
Remember, a great looking yard adds value to your home and gives it that Best First Impression, so as to attract a buyer’s interest.

Need a home lawn to water? Need to sell a home? Call Earl @ 770-377-5793 or email: EARL@EARLPARK.NET

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