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Why Not Replace Those Old Windows?

Don't Tax Me So Much!

Fix My windows!

Thinking of replacing your home’s windows? That could solve condensation issues, prevent moisture damage and new windows MIGHT boost your home’s resale value. Still consultants say they won’t pay for themselves in energy savings alone.  A recent study completed for  Concord Municipal Lighting in the Boston area, found that replacing 15 windows at a cost of $7000.00 would only generate a savings of $42.00 to $112.00 per year. Even if the savings were higher you are referencing 50 years for a payback. That would lead one to consider a lesser expensive option, such as caulking and weather striping  windows and doors to give some energy savings and increased comfort inside your house. This caulking & weather striping could offer energy savings of $7.00 to $28.00 per year at a much lesser total initial cost.

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This information from an AJC Article based on a study by Michael Blasnik.
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