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Why Hire a Real Estate Agent to Help You Purchase Your Home?

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Why should anyone desiring to purchase real estate hire a REALTOR?

A. Buyers need Exclusive representation for probably the biggest purchase of their life. This will only happen if a buyer enters into a contract with a REALTOR to represent him/her Only and not another party at the same time. Did you know that w/o a written contract a REALTOR most always represents the person paying the sales fee(commission)?
B. How much experience does a buyer have with real estate contracts and negotiations? This experience is what qualified REALTORS are trained in and do daily.
C. Never purcahse a REO or Short Sale home without a REALTOR with REO/Short Sale expertise! The process is very complicated and time consuming.
D. In order to be a successful REALTOR, that person must be a good communicator and be able to listen well.
E. Determining the value of homes in a given area is an art within itself.  Good REALTORS should have this knowledge/experience.
F. Does a buyer understand the entire home buying process? The contracted REALTOR can easily explain this process and show the buyer all the steps he/she has to take in order to complete the real estate transaction.

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