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Why Have A Home Warranty?

Do What!!!

Warranty for Me?

Top 10 FAQs
about the First American home warranty plans
1. What is a home warranty?
A home warranty is typically a one-year service
contract designed to protect the family budget
from unexpected, costly repairs on home
systems and appliances.
2. What is covered in the plans?
There are several plans and options to
choose from to best suit the home’s specific
requirements. Basic plans typically include
coverage for: kitchen appliances, water heaters,
plumbing, plumbing stoppages, electrical,
heating system, ductwork, instant hot water
dispenser, whirlpool bath motor and pump
assemblies and more. Optional covered items
can range from pool/spa equipment, washer/
dryer, kitchen refrigerator, air conditioning, well
pump and more. Plans and optional covered
items vary in geographic areas and are detailed
in First American contracts.
3. What is a service call fee?
This is the fee paid to the service technician at
the time of the appointment.
4. Is it safe to assume there are no costs
other than the service fee when a covered
item breaks down?
Unfortunately, no. A home warranty covers
only items listed as covered and excludes all
others. For instance, costs could arise for the
homeowner for modifications when a system is
5. Does First American Home Buyers
Protection have to be contacted first when
items fail or can a technician be contacted
directly for the repairs?
Yes, First American Home Buyers Protection must
be contacted first. One of the many benefits of
a First American home warranty plan is to save
homeowners time, energy and money when
searching for the right technician. First American
has done all the due diligence and maintains a
nationwide network of local technicians that are
licensed and insured.
6. How does the claim process work?
Any time a covered item fails, simply call
800.992.3400 or go online to request service at
First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation makes no express or implied warranty respecting the information presented and assumes
no responsibility for errors or omissions. First American, the eagle logo, firstam.com, and First American Home Buyers Protection are registered
trademarks or trademarks of First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates.
Phone Orders: 800.444.9030
Service: 800.992.3400
Once First American receives the request and
coverage is confirmed, a local service technician
will call the homeowner to arrange a mutually
convenient day and time to go to the home and
diagnose the failure.
7. How quickly are claims handled?
When a service request is received and coverage
is confirmed, the claim is dispatched to a
technician. Soon after, the homeowner will be
contacted to schedule an appointment time.
8. What determines an emergency repair and
how are these claims handled?
First American Home Buyers Protection
considers it an emergency when the failure of a
covered item renders the home uninhabitable;
in these circumstances,
First American will make all reasonable efforts to
expedite emergency service.
9. How is it determined if a failure is covered
or not?
In general, coverage is limited to failures caused
by normal wear and tear and limited to the terms
of the contract. For example, cosmetic defects
are not covered.
10. How are known pre-existing conditions
determined versus unknown pre-existing
Unknown conditions are covered if, at the time
coverage begins, the defect or malfunction is
not known or could not have been reasonably
observed by looking at or operating the system
or appliance.
Request service
24 hours a
day/365 days
a year.
The home warranty coverage above
pertains to homes going through a real
estate transaction. For more information,
ask your local First American Home
Buyers Protection representative or see
contract for details of coverage