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Why Google Your Address?

Google Me?

Why Google your own address? Here are some thoughts.

1. See what other homes on your street or in your neighborhood sold for. Why? It could make a difference in the amount of property tax you pay. Of course you have to file a petition with your county stating your estimated home’s value. Point is, if you don’t the county won’t lower your value. They just might raise the millage rate to compensate for lower tax income.

2. When you find your home’s county tax records check them out. After viewing to the tax records, be sure the ifnormation is 100% correct, such as:  square footage, number of rooms, construction type, age, zoning, etc. If your property facst are incorrect, they could lead to an over valued home.

3. Try Google Street Views to see how other people see your home. If you plan to market it, potential buyers will do this. Also try the Bird’s Eye view to see that next door swamp your neighbor calls a pool. Again, others will. 

4. How about sex offenders in the neighborhood? Megan’s Law requires all offenders be registered with the local police agency and that this information be made public. Try Googling your house and Megan’s Law to see what happens. You can bet that any potential new neighbor will check it before they make a move. How about the safety of your own children or grandchildren? You should know this.

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