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Why Every Home Purchase Should Include A Home Warranty


Insure Me!

Insure Me Please!

If you are or have gone through a real estate transaction you have probably had the opportunity to discuss a home warranty for the house that is being sold or purchased.

So what is a home warranty and why does it matter in a real estate transaction?

A home warranty is a service contract that provides peace of mind for a homeowner for repairs in the major systems of a home such as air conditioning, heating, duct work, water heater, kitchen appliances, electrical, and plumbing. If a failure occurs, a claim can be placed and a licensed contractor within the pool of licensed, insured & qualified contractors will be dispatched to schedule  an appointment.  Typically the service or diagnostic fee is between $50 and $100 per trade.  Please keep in mind the home warranty compliments the home owner’s insurance, but does not replace it.

The benefit’s of a home warranty are important to understand. The primary benefits are as follows:

  • Peace of mind for all parties
  • Saves money on home repairs & protect’s  the budget
  • Reduces negotiations during the transaction
  • Provides a marketing advantage to attract a buyer for properties for sale
  • Increases the likilhood of the property selling
  • Reduces liability for all parties involved
  • Reduces “after the sale” headache
In the Atlanta market, there are eight home warranties to choose from.  My name is Brandi Dittrich, Regional manager  for GA, NC, SC, FL, & AR and I represent First American Home Buyers Protection.  First American is  a leader in our industry and prides itself on providing superior service, value & integrity.  I urge you to include a home warranty on your next transaction.  I wouldl love to discuss our products and how we are set apart from our seven competitors. Please contact me at bdittrich@firstam.com or 800-322-0041 Ext 6030.  Also, our website provides extensive resources, please visit us at www.firstam.com/warranty.
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