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What/When Is A Final Walk Through During Your Grayson Georgia Home Purchase?

Does Everything Work?

People who buy a house for the first time are often taken aback at how hectic things can get towards the time of closing. There’s really a lot of things to figure out, and sometimes people skip the final walk-through . Let’s say that you looked through Gwinnett homes for sale and have offered to purchase one that you like. Once the seller accepted your offer, you have the house inspected and move towards the closing phase. Some people think that the home inspection makes the final walk through kind of redundant and unnecessary.

The home inspection does reveal a lot of things that home owners should know about the house that they are buying, but the thing is there are many things that could happen between the day that you got the house inspected and the day you close the transaction. This is especially true if you are buying a house that was still occupied by the seller when it got inspected. Skipping on the final walk-through or not really paying attention to it is not exactly a wise thing to do. You’ll need to take the walk through seriously so you can spot things that need to be repaired.

It would be great if you have a list ready of the things you should check during the walk through. Here are a few suggestions of things you shouldn’t forget to look at:

1. Appliances – If the Grayson/Snellville, Georgia real estate that you bought included free appliances with the deal, you should check all of them if they’re all still working. Things like the garbage disposal system, washing machine, microwave, and the likes could have been working a few days ago but aren’t working during the time when you’re set for the final walk through.

2. HVAC Systems – While you were looking through Grayson/Snellville homes for sale, you probably looked at the HVAC systems as one of the primary things you needed to check. However, some people don’t check this during the final walk through anymore because they’re confident they’re working. Since these are major systems in the house, it would be better if you checked this during the walk through.

3. Walls and Floors – If the home used to be occupied and the seller just recently moved as the closing date was nearing, you should check the walls and floors to see if anything was damaged during the move out.

4. Repairs promised – Some sellers may have promised to have some items repaired before you move in. Now is the time to check whether they kept their promise or not. As part of the purchase contract, you shouldn’t be obliged to move forward with the sale unless the agreed upon conditions are met.

5. Doors and windows – Check the hinges, glasses, knobs, locks, and the likes. Make note of things that you need to replace when you move in so that you won’t be stuck with a house that has a broken door knob on your moving in date. If possible, replace them before you move in so as not to add to the moving day hassles.

The point of the walk through is to make sure the house is in the condition you agreed to buy it in. If any thing’s changed in that, it’s your right to know. Exercise that right because it’s to protect your interest as a home buyer.

Beware! Home Inspectors in Georgia do not have to be licensed. Be sure your inspector is licensed and bonded before yu hire him!

So the answer to the question What/When is a final inspection is “BEFORE YOU CLOSE” the deal. You would be surprised how many buyers forget to do this and how many times they are disappointed when they see their new home after the fact.

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