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What does Lis Pendens Mean In Real Estate?

We Did Not Pay The Bills-Who Filed the Law Suit? Let's Sell Quick!

‘Lis Pendens’ BEWARE!

Have you ever heard of “Lis Pendens” regarding a real estate transaction? Well if you haven’t, then be on notice. Have you heard your REALTOR or attorney say they found a “Lis Pendens” filed in the courthouse property records on a property they were researching for you? “Lis Pendens” is Latin for “suit pending.” So Lis Pnedens is a recorded notice to the world that a lawsuit related to a particular property or involving a particular property has been filed. This doesn’t prevent the property from being sold and it does not serve as a lien on the specific property. The Lis Pendens simply gives public notice that a specific property will be subject to a judgment in a pending court action. Proceed with Caution!
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