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What? A Home Inspection? Why?

Too Much Money? You Say “What is Wrong with Me”?


Fall is coming  Now that the summer has ended,   and the days have started to get shorter, you should be preparing   your  home for the coming winter season. It’s also a great time to get a professional AmeriSpec® home inspection, as the results can inform you   about the components in and around your home.



Foundation – Masonry –   Exterior

* Check foundation walls,   floors, concrete and masonry for cracking, heaving or deterioration

* Check chimneys for loose,   deteriorated or missing mortar

* Check gutters

Roofs              * Check flashings around all   vents, skylights and other openings

* Trim back all tree limbs and   vegetation away from home

Heating and Cooling

* Lubricate fan and motor   bearings

* Check fan belt tension



* Have well water tested and   checked for safety

* Winterize any exterior   plumbing connections


Doors and Windows

* Check for loose or missing   glazing putty

* Check caulking for   deterioration of all openings and joints between wood and masonry

* Check weather-stripping


It’s important for you to review the above suggestions, and contact a certified home inspector if  you wish to have a thorough visual examination of your property.

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