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Top 10 Selling Areas of Gwinnett GA.

Check out the best home selling areas in Gwinnett County as shown below.

Ø  The top 10 CTs have been the same the past 3 years.  Very interesting dynamic for this County.
Ø  The top 2 CTs have had the same ranking, although by narrow margin, the past 3 years
Ø  The top 10 CTs have consistently averaged almost 50% of total sales in the County
Ø  County total sales seem to have followed activity generated by those 10 CTs.  For Ex:
a.      County sales were down 45% from 07-08.  Top 10 CTs were down 47%
b.      County sales were up 32% from 08-09.  Top 10 CTs were up 38%
Ø  The most eye catching story was CT 507.04.  Sales there jumped from 231 in 2008 to 453 units in 2009. It represented a 96% unit sales increase; the highest of any CT that year.  

So for the not so average CT connoisseur, that includes me, the last but not least table symbolizes the “Top 10 Selling Areas” in Gwinnett County by school districts and zip codes.  Using 2009 data for ranking, I have also included the average loan amount to give you a better idea of the price range sold.  


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Info. by: Carlos Mata

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