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Super Bowl Teams & Home Prices

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Accoring to the latest news, towns with Super Bowl Teams have the highest priced homes. See the Real Estate News article below.
Daily Real Estate News |

Football may have its place in real estate. Towns that produce Super Bowl teams tend to have home prices above the national median, finds RealEstate.com.

The average median home price of the 10 NFL teams that have been to the Super Bowl the most number of times is $339,800—much higher than the national median average of $216,700.

Take, for example, these Super Bowl regulars: San Francisco boasts a median home price of $751,600; New York’s is $517,900; Oakland is $445,200; and Washington, D.C., is $443,700.

Meanwhile, the 10 teams that have been to the Super Bowl the fewest number of times tend to be from cities with low median home prices, averaging $212,450.

Source: “Super Bowl Appearances vs. Real Estate Prices,

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