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Spring Home Maintenance

Quick-Fix Me!

Things we can and should do to our home this Spring.  NOW!

A. Caulk gaps around your home’s doors & windows–Stop air leaks and prevent critters from entering freely.
B. Check your roof for needed repairs; if you find any, get them repaired before you have a  major problem.
C. Check your basement for moisture. Remember half the homes in and around Atlanta have basements;  many of these basements have leaks which lead to mold, mildew & rot. Many leaks can be fixed easily, early on.
D. Check you siding for decay, splitting, cracking or insect damage. Vinyl, wood or metal siding all need maintenance sometime.
E. Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior– This removes mold/mildew and washes away dirt.
F. Check for cracks in the masonry. If there is evidence of cracks have them reparied by a licensed tuck fitter.
fG. Lubercate all of your keyholes, especially those on external entrances so there is no danger of breaking a key in the lock. Then lubricate those squeaky door hinges.
H Check and repair all door and window screens for unauthorized holes. Repair and replace as necessary.
I. Check your  driveway for cracks. If crack are found,  seal them so they won’t get worse.
J. Have your HVAC unit(s) checked for issues before extreme  temperature shifts causes a failure inside a unit. For instance, fire ants in the outside unit will destroy the wiring insulation and protective coverings. That will lead to a major breakdown. Now,  if you find no fire ants, at least clean/change your air filters, so you don’t breath the same old dirty, musty air again. Clean filters also allow your HVAC system to run most economically.  

It is much less expensive to preform simple home maintenance now, before issues arise than it is to alow the issues to go unchecked and become major issues later on.  

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