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Regular Home Upgrades to Luxury Living

Drape Me In Luxury!

Luxury Ideas in a regular home:

A. Try upgrading the bathroom. New fixtures, new lighting and maybe a new pedestal sink. How about a granite counter top and of course new paint?
B. Paint the interior walls. Add a mural after painting(can be purchased as a roll on or adhesive backing, such as hot air balloon’s on a sky blue painted wall in an office)
C. Add a built in, such as a garbage compactor. Create a study center or extra office site in a nook or cranny in a corner of the kitchen, bedroom or under a stairwell.
D. Dedicated places: The empty bedroom can be a playroom, hobby room, craftroom or even exercise room. Just upgrade the lighting, paint the walls and maybe add a French Door in place of the solid panel one currently in place.
E. Automate things: Add a burglar alarm( connected or not), setback thermostats, monitor cameras connected to your p-c for online use or just a common location for all the remotes.
F. Most important: repaint everything inside your home using bright and cherry colors.

Need a home to upgrade? Just drop me an email at: EARL@EARLPARK.NET OR phone: 770-377-5793

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