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Real Estate Investing-Why Buy Your Personal Residence 1st?

Come Live with Me!


1.   Buy your own home first! This puts a roof over your head. It also gives you great experience in purchasing, owning and maintaining property.

2.    Purchasing investment property will require more down payments. Your personal residence required a minimum of approximately 3% down; your investment property will require a down payment of approximately 25%.

3.    Get an education first: Search the Internet, read books, join investment clubs and talk to other investment property owners. You can even go to real estate school!

4.    Hire a professional REALTOR with lots of real estate investment experience. His services are usually free (charges paid by the seller in most cases).

5.    Learn the local market. Become an expert on the area you want to invest in. Remember, it is your MONEY and you will look after it better than anyone else.

6. Earl can help you find the right home, just give him a call @ 770-377-5793 or email him: EARL@EARLPARK.NET

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