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Flood Insurance–Your Home?

Please Protect Me!

Is your home in a Flood Zone? Do you have Flood Insurance? There is a good chance your home is in a flood zone and you do not have it insured against rising flood waters. Remember, a regular homeowner insurance policy will not provide protection from flood water damage, only  NFIP,  insurance provides  this coverage. Right now, less than 5% of all the households in the US have coverage.  You can go to the National Flood Insurance Program’s web site to check out your own home’s flood zone location: www.floodsmart.gov or just call your insurance carrier and ask. Remember, it is much less expensive to purchase the NFIP’s insurance than it is to pay for all the damage caused by a  flood. Just watch TV and see all the people who have been flood victims this year alone.

Need a home to insure? Call Earl @ 770-377-5793 ir email him at: EARL@EARLPARK.NET

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