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Real Estate Client Help

A new client just asked to purchase an REO Property in Snellville,GA., to live in.  I started by asking the client to secure pre-qualification from a lender, in this case, Fariway Mortgage here in Snellville. Then we reviewed the advantages of a Buyer Brokerage Agreement. This agreement allows me(the selling broker) to work for the client and not the person or firm selling the property. Real Estate law requires the agent(s) that sells a property to represent the entity paying the sales commission,which is most often the seller, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPELLED OUT IN WRITING THROUGH A LEGAL AGREEMENT, known as a Buyer Brokerage Agreement .  Best of all, it cost the buyer(client) nothing or very little to engage me(REALTOR) to represent him/her throught this wrtten agrement. This agreement can last as long as a year or just one showing and can be terminated by either party at any time. Question:  Would you go into court on trial without an attorney? Well, why attempt to make the biggest purchase of your llife without personal, legal representation?  The Buyer Brokerage Agreement advantages are many and the disadvantages are: NONE KNOWN.

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