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Purchase A HUD Home For $100.00 Down

HUD Homes Are Great Buys

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Recently I attended a REALTOR workshop showing the exact “how-to-purchase” a HUD Home for $100.00 down. First, exactly what is a HUD Home? The definition is: a one-to-four unit single family residence acquired as a result of a foreclosure on an FHA-insured mortgage. These HUD Homes vary in price, location and condition. They are found throughout the State of Georgia and the Nation. Some are move in ready and some need work. They are offered for sale at fair market value, based on a recent appraisal. They are always sold “As-Is”. The As-Is simply means they come with no warranties, guarantees or any other representation about the property. The only repairs that will be made to a HUD Home prior to sale are repairs that involve, Safety, Security and Marketable Title. After all is said and done, home prices in Metro Atlanta are down about 34% from 2006 highs and often HUD Homes are priced lower than the 34%. The best part of the deal is when they are sold through the FHA loan , they are eligible for the Bonus Program of $100.00 down. Yes, If you plan to occupy the home and your credit is acceptable, you can take advantage of the $100.00 down FHA Loan Program. Need funding to upgrade the home before you purchase? There is a program for that! All the upgrades, repairs & rehabilitation costs can be added to the home’s purchase price inside the FHA loan. That means no additional Out-Of-Your- Pocket Monies for all the work. What could be better than that? Purchase a home at a very reasonable price, upgrade it to suit your needs and tastes and only pay $100.00 down plus the lender closing costs. If you find a better deal, let me know. Hud Homes can be found at: www.hudhomestore.com or through my search engine.

Need a Hud Home? Email: EARL@EARLPARK.NET or Phone:770-377-5793
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