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Power of Sale Requirements

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Prior to initiating a foreclosure in Georgia,the lender must send a DEMAND Letter requesting payment of all PAST DUE PAYMENTS, plus delinquent interest charges etc. This total  must be paid by the borrower within 10 days, otherwise foreclosure proceedings will begin. If payment is made at this stage,no attorney fees are assessed. If the total debt is not received then
The lender must publish the notice of the scheduled foreclosure sale in the county newspaper in which the property is located for 4 consecutive weeks before the sale. The borrower must receive by CERTIFIED MAIL  a notice of sale at least 15 days before the date of the proposed sale.  A foreclosure sale has been scheduled now.
 FORECLOSURE SALES must take place on the 1st Tuesday of each month(between 10AM and 4PM) at the courthouse. The trustee will auction the property to the highest bidder attending the auction on the courthouse steps. Usually the buyer is lender holding security deed.

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