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National Home Sales

Are home sales up or down? It depends on who you listen to. According to national information homes sales were 379,000. , in September down form 414,000., in August. Sales were lower than last year due to the Tax Credit deadline  in November, 2009. Still, home sales are happening no matter who counts. Fredddie Mac reports the national fixed rate mortgage for September  2010 was 4.43%, well below last year’s 5.06% rate. The national median home price (all type houses-condos, town homes, etc.) was $171,700.00. Median means there were 50% above this price and 50% below this price. The point is the median price is down 2.4% from September 2009. Distressed properties accounted for 35% of the total home sales this September 2010 vs. 29% of total home sales in September 2009. In SUMMARY: Nationally home prices are Down, Interest rates are Down, distressed Property Sales as a % of total sales are up and total home sales ar bumping along. This is a true reflection for Gwinnett County,  Grayson, Snellville and Lawrenceville,Georgia also.

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