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Lawn Work Ranks Low on Americans’ List of Chores

Too Much Money?
Cut The Grass???




When it comes to lawn chores, we’d rather open wide and say “ahhhh” than mow and weed.

Americans would rather see their dentist or visit their in-laws than spend time with their lawns.
In fact, we would rather do just about anything than mow, fertilize, and perform other lawn care chores, according to a Consumer Reports survey of 1,000 adults nationwide.
When asked about which tedious chore they would like to do, only 7% said lawn maintenance. Here are the activities that ranked higher:

  • Cook, 62%
  • Grocery shop, 49%
  • Do laundry, 41%
  • Go to work, 38%
  • Clean the house, 38%
  • Visit in-laws, 33 %
  • See the dentist, 17%

Consumer Reports didn’t mention any chores that ranked lower than lawn work. But we’re guessing that cleaning out the septic tank and clearing clogged drains might be worse.
What chores would you pick over lawn care? Any chores that rank lower?
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