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Improve Your Grayson Georgia Home Sale Chances

Help Me Become The Most Desirable Home In The Neighborhood


When it comes to selling your home, the state of the kitchen and bathrooms can be critical. If they aren’t updated, you could risk a sale. However, updating doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Here are some ways you can update your kitchen and bathrooms without spending a lot of money.


If your cabinets are in good shape, there is likely no need to replace them. Instead, paint the cabinets a neutral color (earth tones and off-white are popular). If they’re already a neutral color, refinish them with a fresh clear coat. Then, upgrade all of the hardware, especially if it’s dated brass hardware. Brushed nickel seems to be a safe choice, while  black and bronze are gaining popularity.


When it comes to countertops, Granite is still the top of many buyer wish lists. However, your budget may not allow an upgrade at an average of $50 per square foot. But you can try and maintain that look with granite paint, which resembles the marble appearance. If your issue is just dirty grout, you can clean or refinish the grout with the help of a professional.


Fixtures can instantly make a bathroom look outdated. Replace medicine cabinets and plated mirrors with richly finished framed mirrors that are proportionate to the room. Install new faucets, especially if yours have lost their shine. They don’t need to be expensive, but need to match the other finishes in the room. Mismatching metals and colors can ruin the feel of the room. Nickel and chrome are the most popular faucet finishes.


The color and condition of bathroom tile, counter tops, and sinks can make or break a sale. So, if you have ugly pea colored tile, a pink shower, or chips in your surfaces, consider refinishing them. For a few hundred dollars (vs. a few thousand for remodeling) can get you a fresh neutral color and surfaces that look like new.


Once you’ve done your updating, don’t forget to stage the room with some fresh towels, baked cookies, warm lighting, and decorative soaps.
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