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Improve Your Curb Appeal–Sell It Quicker

How Pretty Am I?

Here are some ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. For instance,

1. A home improvement project should reflect the original style of the home and the original style of the neighborhood. Let your house “Stand Out”, while still fitting in.
2. Show off the fact the house is connected to the ground. For instance, masonry materials  should be used on your home’s basement/ground level.Different materials could be used above the basement/ground level and the first floor. This will show a nice contrast.
3. Use a “Consistent” exterior trim that is appropriate to your home’s most prominent style, for instance, the  belt line should be the same color/style all around the home.
5. Be sure the proportions for cloumns, trim size, rails and walkways are correct.
6. Window shutters should be sized to fully cover a window. Don’t use shutters where more several windows ares grouped together.
7. Chimneys look best if they are clad in brick, stone or stucco and they go all the way to the ground. Not saying they can’t go through the roof, just they look so good going all the way to the ground.
8. Heavy materials(stone, brick, concrete) should always support lighter materials such as wood, siding, shake or other types siding.
9. Create a warm, natural approach for company comming to see you, via your sidewalk to the front door.  Let the sidewalk be wide, winding and unobstructed if possible instead of straight, narrow and running through overgrown bushes.
10.Nowyour home’s front landing should be big enough to greet your guests. For instance, add an awning over your front entrance for color, contrast, and more welcoming warmth.  
11. Consider a front door that is  bigger, thicker and wider than all other exterior doors. Panes of leaded glass in your front door and  upgraded, heavy entry hardware create even more visual attention.
12. Use exterior electric or gas lights that can be dimmed. 
13. Add new paint to your home’s exterior for the biggest impact with the least expense. At least renew your front door’s finish, trim the shrubs away from your home and wash the windows(very little expense here).
14. Either install a new mail box or pressure wash your current one, then repaint it if it is not brick, stone or stucco.
15. Pressure wash your existing driveway and sidewalk for that bright, clean newly re finished look.

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