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How To Reduce Your Property Taxes Even More

Don't Tax Me!


Do you want to lower your property taxes even more? You can if you meet certain Gwinnett County criteria. The the criteria is:

A. Be 65 years old or older
B. Reside in your primary residence  as of January 1st and claim it as your homestead
C. Make less than the required amount (appx. $85,000.00) in Social Security and Retirement Income, plus other stated incomes as shown on your current tax returns. The Georgia 500 return and the IRS 1040 tax form for 2011 must be signed and pages 1-2 of each  must be presented along with the completed Gwinnett County Form L5A, Senior School Exemption,  to the tax assessors office. FYI…………this  exemption could save you more than 50% of your total property tax bill!
D. For more information, go to: www.gwinnetttaxcommissioner.com or phone them at: 770-822-8800.

Need a home to file an exemption for? Drop me a line: EARL@EARLPARK.NET or Ph: 770-377-5793

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