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How to Prepare for the Tax Man

TAX MAN Preparations!

How can I support the home value I report to my county tax assessor?

First: As an owner  collect actual and current sales data of homes in your neighborhood. Where can this information be found? Try a good real estate agent in your neighborhood or try www.trulia.com /or www.zillow.com. All three should be a good source of current home sales. Remember, the closer the homes are to your home the better. Do not use sales that are miles away. Secondly, if there are no sales to use you can always hire a home appraiser. Yes, he costs money, but he should be able to save you more in tax reductions than you pay him. Also, the taxes will have to be paid every year, so take the long term view. What to do with this sales information? More information will be forthcoming
Need a home to pay taxes on? Email: EARL@EARLPARK.NET 
Earl Park is a REALTOR with Virtual Properties Realty.

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