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How to Look for a New Home

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Do you know there is a correct way to search for your new home? If this is your first home purchase you may be overwhelmed with what the decision.  I like to guide my buyers as a realtor and a interior decorator.  Some people get confused with the colors on the walls, the carpet and the sellers belongings.  I try to focus the buyer on the location, the layout of the home and their”  want lists”.   Does the family room/great room have the layout your furniture fits?  Does the kitchen feel comfortable?  Have enough cabinets?  And do the bedrooms and bathrooms  have ample room for your things.  After those questions I then help the client with changes that CAN be made to make that house their home.  Having renovated homes for over 20 years I have the experience and vision to help guide each person through the project.  Happy house hunting!
Need to find that new home? Drop me a line: : RITA@RITAPARK.COM

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