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How to Avoid Home Foreclosure Scams



Don't Tax Me So Much!

You Can Short Sale Me!


 Concerned about your mortgage payments that you are behind on? Thinking of investing in some sort of program that offers to help you for a mere UPFRONT Payment of money to an individual or firm? Then look no more! First ,this type help is illegal and should be reported to law enforcement. Secondly, there are many FREE Help services available to you, such as the Home Preservation Foundation. See the article below. Thousands of people get ripped off each year by helpers/fixers for hire. Don’t fall into their trap, call the toll free number below and secure the help you need.

If your home is going into Foreclosure and you can’t resolve the issue, you have the right to conduct a Short Sale and control your own destiny. If that is the case, then just drop me an email: EARL@EARLPARK.NET or ph: 770-377-5793


HPF Warns of Spike in Foreclosure Scams, Offers Tips

By: Esther Cho 04/11/2012

Mortgage foreclosure scams have surged nearly 60 percent this year following the launch of several federal programs, the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) announced.

“Regretfully, every new government initiative spawns a slew of foreclosure avoidance scams, often from the same cast of characters doing business under various names to avoid easy detection and identification,” said Colleen Hernandez, CEO of HPF.

Hernandez added that most of these scams involve individuals purporting to offer foreclosure prevention assistance that trained HPF counselors provide at no cost.

“HPF’s trained counselors can provide distressed homeowners with all the assistance they need to understand their options, prepare the necessary paperwork, and negotiate with their mortgage servicers,” she said. “Anyone facing foreclosure should never pay upfront fees for these services.”

Sometimes, scams are not so obvious.

Hernandez warned that some organizations are using HPF’s logo and brand in their promotional materials even though they are not affiliated with the organization.

“The only way distressed homeowners can be certain they are dealing with a trained HPF counselor is by calling 888-995-HOPE,” said Hernandez.

The $25 billion mortgage settlement, expansions with HAMP and HARP, and the OCC’s Independent Foreclosure Review are all examples of potential relief offered through the government.

HPF is an independent national nonprofit that offers free assistance to distressed homeowners by helping them to navigate financial challenges and avoid mortgage foreclosure through its HOPE Hotline at 888-995-HOPE.

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