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How Satisfied Are You With Your Home’s Property Taxes?



This is the second year all Georgia Counties must abide by the Georgia General Assembly Bill 346. Provisions of the bill included:
A. As of 2011 all counties must send every property owner and annual “Notice of Current Assessment, which shows the property’s value. Once you receive this notice, you can appeal your county’s appraised value of your property.

B. The year after you buy your house, the appraised value can’t exceed the sale price.

C. Counties must treat any market sale, including REO’s, Short Sales and Auction Sales just like any other normal sale for their purpose of determining your property’s value. Foreclosures are not considered because they are not considered true market sales. Besides Foreclosure prices are most often higher than market sales.

D. You as a property owner have 45 days to appeal the county’s appraisal value, which is up from 30 days. In Gwinnett County, the Notice of Current Assessment is scheduled to be mailed in early April 2012. From the postmark date, you have 45 days to appeal if you can justify qa lesser value.

E. Owners also have the right to see the properties that the county used secure comparable values from. Just go to : www.GwinnettTaxCommissioner.com and search for your property’s address, then the current tax assessment. there, a highlighted line you can click on will take you to the comparable sales used.
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