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How Much Money Does A Buyer Have To Bring To Closing?

How Much Money?

As a buyer, your lender will give you an estimated amount of money you need to close early on in the loan application process. Shortly before the closing is scheduled to happen, your attorney will complete a HUD-1 Settlement Statement that should determine the actual amount you need to complete the closing transaction. Your REALTOR or attorney will let YOU know that amount. The money you bring to the closing  should be in the form of a Cashier’s Check made out to you. Also bring your checkbook for any small cost(s) that pop up during the closing. If you bring a Cashier’s Check for an more than was requested, your attorney will write you a check for the excess amount not spent during the transaction.
You should purchase OWNERS title Insurance at the closing, which is strongly advised, but is an optional closing cost. Your attorney will explain the insurance and it’s cost to you.

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