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How Foreclosure Works in Georgia

1. Once a mortgage lender determines a borrower is not making his mortgage payments, the lender can initiate foreclosure  2. A foreclosure attorney sends a letter to cure the deficiency notifying the borrower that the full amount of the loan is due now. 3. A certified letter warning of the foreclosure is sent to the borrower 30 days before the property’s sale date. 4. An ad is published in the county’s legal newspaper for 4 consecutive weeks before the foreclosure. 5. Then, in Georgia, the property is auctioned on the courthouse steps the 1st Tuesday of the next month by the attorney representing the lender.  If there are no other bidders, who have to to bid with cash in hand, the foreclosing attorney acting for the lender, buys the property for the full amount of the mortgage. 6. In Georgia, this process can take as little as 37 days or as long as several years.

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