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How Do I Repair The Foreclosure I Want?

Please Fix Me!


Foreclosed Real Estate Repair Help

Purchasing a HUD Home or  Other Distressed Real Estate?

How Do You Pay for the REPAIRS Necessary to Make This Home Complete Again, so You May Sell or Live in Your New Real Estate Acquisition?
Answer: Try using a Government Backed Loan Program:

It is called a 203B or a 203K Loan. Simply, the Repair Loan is Put in Place at the Time of the Real Estate Acquisition.
When the Repairs are Completed, This Repair Loan is Rolled Back into the Original Home Loan at the SAME INTEREST RATE as the Original Home Loan.
Yes, There Are Loan Limits with Checks & Balances. Still, It Eliminates the Home Owner’s Out Of Pocket Repair Expenses.
Several Major Lenders Participate in the Program.
Call or Write Me if You Need More Information. Earl @ 770-377-5793

Kris's 203K Loan Enabled A Great Fix Up

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