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Home Purchase Questions????????


5questions 276x300 5 Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a Home

  1. Why are interest rates so low? A.  Because the Federal Reserve has been purchasing mortgage- backed securities guaranteed by Fannie, Freddie & Ginnie Mae to help the housing market.
  2. Will the rates stay this low? A.  Probably not, rates are lower than they have been and they will go up as the economy improves.
  3. Why do different mortgage surveys show different average interest rates?  A.   Because they use different lenders in their surveys and they all have different charges. It pays to shop around.
  4. What else should a buyer need to know? A. Don’t just shop for the lowest interest rate, shop the fees, points charged and all the other charges lenders use.
  5. When is the best time to PURCHASE?    A. NOW! The market is down and the home choices are large, home price/values are way down and loan rates are very low. What else can you ask for????
  6. Call Earl at 770-377-5793 or drop Earl a note at: EARL@EARLPARK.NET 
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