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Gwinnett Home Improvement Values

Fix Me-Up?

How much do I get back on my home upgrades? Here are some examples:
A. Replace the Front Door–cost of steel clad w/half glass panel $1150.00 Avr. Added Value to your home= $1,099.00.
B. Replace the garage door-$1245 cost:…Resale Vaule added= $1,039.00
C. Add a 16 X 20 ft. pressure deck w/built in bench and planter @ $10,500.00 cost. Resale Value= $8,018.00
D. Replace 1250 sq. ft. of siding w/new vinyl siding&trim $10,948.00…Added resale value added= $7,111.00
E. Major Kitchen remodel: 200 sq. ft. kitchen w/30 linear ft. of semi-custom wood cabinets with an island, laminate counter tops, double-tub stainless-steel sink, energy-efficient appliances and custom lighting. Cost $57,000.00 added resale value is $33,400.00.
Remember–these figures are only AVERAGES that were the result of surveys conducted by “Remodeling Magazine” with additional date from the National Association of Realtors for the Southeastern US. Your cost figures may be drastically different, but the percentage return on investment should be close. Though added resale value may not suit you, the fact that the remodeling is in place and can be viewed by all may make the difference between “No Sale” and a “Sold Home” transaction.
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