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Gwinnett, GA., Buy Now

Own Me!

What a great time to purchase a home! Why? 1. Prices are at their lowest level since 1997 in our area. Foreclosure homes are even lower . Many times you can buy a home and the lot it sits on for the same price you would have paid for the lot a few years ago. In today’s market it is often times less expensive to purchase a standing home than it is to purchase the materials to build that same home. What a deal! Sellers also know this is a Buyers’ market and they have to price right and then deal in order to sell their home.  2. HUD homes are so affordable that you can purchase a HUD home for $100.00 down if you will live in the home. You can even get a home loan up to $5K for repairs to this same HUD Home and roll the loan’s cost back into the purchase price. All for $100.00 down.
Can yo beat that deal? Let me know how you can find a better deal. 3.  Interest rates are very low, prices are lower and the number of homes for sale is great! How can you loose?
Need a home? Call Earl 770-377-5793 or email: EARL@EARLPARK.NET

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