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Gwinnett County Gerogia Leads The Atlanta Area with 2338 Foreclosure Notices for March 2011


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Maybe, just maybe, the foreclosure crisis in metro Atlanta is peaking.

 Foreclosures notices in March in the 13-county metro area dropped slightly from February and substantially from a year ago, Equity Depot said Monday.

What’s more, the notices did not increase 20 percent to 25 percent from February to March — which they can do because there is more time for lenders to prepare foreclosure ads.

“Whether this is an anomaly or a true signal foreclosures have topped out and are starting to decline, is not known yet.

Notices in the metro area fell to 10,779 in March — a 0.6 percent drop from February and a 14 percent decline from a year ago according to Equity Depot.

By contrast, March 2010 saw a 22 percent rise from February.

For the first quarter, foreclosure notices are 2 percent ahead of last year, which set an annual record.

Gwinnett County led the pack in March with 2,338 foreclosure notices. Fulton was second with 1,928, followed by DeKalb (1,688), Cobb (1,235) and Clayton (931).

Notices published this month are for auctions on the courthouse steps next month. Some homeowners receiving notices will be able to negotiate a reprieve with lenders prior to the auction, so they won’t go to foreclosure.
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Information by the AJC
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