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Gwinnett County Georgia Home Sales Report

Gwinnett Home Value Trends

Gwinnett County Georgia 12 month sales trends are here! Take a look at them and pay close attention to Pre-foreclosures, Foreclosures, Bank Owned Sales and Sales. The first overview shows exactly what kind of  home sales have occurred in Gwinnett County, Georgia during the last year. Both overview and bar chart are accurate and show how our market stands right now. Pay particular attention to the number of foreclosures and the difference between a regular home sale and the price of a Bank Owned Sale. You also see that bank owned sales are more than 40% of all sales in Gwinnett County. That does impact the market value of all homes.   These values can be prepared for any area, county wide or smaller. Please give me a call if you need help interpreting the numbers or you need information on a smaller area.
Earl Park:                                     Phone# 770-377-5793 or EARL@EARLPARK.NET

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