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Gwinnett County Expert Forum: Lawn Care/Pest Mangement

Help For My Yard!


Last evening Robert Brannen, Gwinnett County,  GA., Extension Agent conducted a free homeowner workshop at the Gwinnett County Adminstration & Justice Center in Lawrenceville, GA. During the meeting Mr. Brannen, identified the 4 most common lawn grasses found in the Metro Atlanta area, plus  their familiy trees. He showed how each should be maintained,  how to use FEWER lawn chemicals  and where each type grass should be planted. More importantly, he identified bad lawn practices and the consequences of not following good lawn  management practices. Finally he reviewed good pest management procedures.  Best of all, Gwinnett County resident  workshop attendees received a free 5% credit on their storm water drainage bill for next year.  Mr. Brannen also noted  an outstanding lawn landscape that is well maintained could easily add $25,000.00 to the value of the home. Whether the value increases $25,000.00 or not, a well landscaped lawn will improve the home’s saleability in today’s market
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