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Gwinnett County December Foreclosure Notices top 1100


Gwinnett County Published Foreclosure Notices  stood at 1116 this December. That count was the second largest in Metro Atlanta for a change from being # one in notices. Remember, notices do not automatically mean the home will go to foreclosure. In some instances, homeowners catch up their delinquent mortgage payments, sell their homes or just hope the situation will go away. Many times a Short Sale can save the homeowner from foreclosure. A Short Sale is simply that: selling the home short or for less than is owed the lender on the mortgage. All parties have to agree to a short sale and the homeowner cannot make any profit from the short sale, but he is relieved from the debt owed the lender. The lender, in turn, avoids a foreclosed home in it’s inventory, usually incurs less loss than than it would through a foreclosure and has fewer issues to deal with. Remember, short sold homes usually sell occupied and sell quicker. They are priced at current market values or less vs inflated prices that will not sell. Foreclosures are unoccupied, subject to vandalism, deterioration and usually spend more time on the market, which all adds up to more expense to to the lender holding the mortgage. So if you or someone you know is behind on their mortgage payments and needs help to avoid a foreclosure just maybe a short sale can save a foreclosure.
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