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AJC Talks Georgia Jobs



In the AJC today Henry Unger posted some not so good news about the Georgia Jobs Market.


Someone Purchased Me!

The stock market may be rocketing to a record high but the job market is still struggling.

  1. Georgia’s unemployment rate did not budge during the period.
  2. There was a loss of 47,700 mostly seasonal jobs and any increases were not enough to change the unemployment rate.
  3. The number of first-time claims for jobless benefits,  resulting from layoffs in January, rose by 20,669 from December.
  4. Last year the unemployment higher
  5. Mark Butler said we started with more jobs than last year.

If you want to read the article try this: http://blogs.ajc.com/business-beat/2013/03/07/georgias-jobless-rate-remains-stuck-at-8-7-percent/

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