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Georgia Falls From The # 1 Spot In Foreclosures

Too Much Money? We Were Number 1!!

Georgia no longer No. 1 in foreclosures

9:00 am July 12, 2012, by David Markiewicz

Georgia had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation in May: 1 of 300 housing units.

Things improved in June. A little.

The latest report from RealtyTrac had Georgia 4th in foreclosures, with one in 336 housing units with a filing.

California, Arizona and Nevada led the way, so to speak.

The best news: The June numbers represented a nearly 11 percent decrease from May.

The bad: the total number of Georgia properties with a foreclosure filing in June 2012 was still about 25 percent higher than what was reported a year ago, in June 2011.

Also, with one foreclosure per 63 housing units over the first six months of 2012, Georgia ranked 3rd in the nation, after Nevada and Arizona.

Foreclosure numbers come and go, and it can be easy to read too much into the short-term data. But they do provide an indicator of how the  economy is going, and analysts have been projecting better things ahead for the housing market.

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