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Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, home has become a personal refuge. “We live in a crazy world,” said Marc Thee of Marc-Michaels Interior Design in Winter Park, Fla. “Our home should be a sanctuary.” Disorganization takes away from the tranquility of a space. Thee, who presented at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando in February, suggested two upgrades that enhance the feeling of order:

Give ’em Room for Thought

Do you have a listing with “flex space” that could truly serve multiple purposes? Create computer-generated room layout boards to help buyers envision various uses for flex space, such as a family room, office, kids’ play area, or library. Display floor plan ideas using professional matting during open houses and showings. —Jerry Collin, Kay Green Design, IBS 2012

Separate laundry room
A well-organized laundry space is “the gift that keeps on giving,” Thee said. Sellers or recent buyers can enhance laundry room space by installing shelving and cabinetry surrounding the washer and dryer. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s the perfect DIY project. Consider what can be stored in that space: laundry detergent, other household cleaners, an iron and ironing board, towels, bedding, and, of course, dirty laundry. Add bins or baskets for instant clothes sorting. A big enhancement, if there’s room, is the addition of a rolling table for folding laundry or doing arts and crafts projects.

Smart storage
Thee suggested dedicated towers or cubbies for each member of the family—even one for pets. Add names to them and place them near a widely used entrance. They’re great for creating a convenient system for sorting jackets, backpacks, mail, keys, and leashes.


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