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Five Things Women Want In A House

What Women Want!!!

What Women Want!!!

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Women are big decision-makers when it comes to buying and designing a home.

Men tend to be more interested in a home’s space and dimensions, but women tend to be more swayed by a home’s aesthetics, layout, and functionality, according to Coldwell Banker Real Estate consumer specialists who have been studying men and women home-buying preferences.

So if women are the main decision-makers when it comes to the interior of homes, what do they most often want in a home?

A recent article at MSN highlighted some of women’s most common preferences in homes, according to surveys. The list included:

1. Supersized closets

2. Jetted bath tubs

3. Big, open kitchens that include space for dining, entertaining, doing homework, and socializing

4. Comfortable spaces for socializing, such as a kitchen island or comfortable den

5. Low maintenance, such as easy to maintain landscaping and a home that is new or recently renovated



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