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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Take Good Care of Me!

Winter is comming! Is your home ready? Here are some tips my friend at Alpha Home services passed along to me?
1. Chekc Chimneys and fire places prior to use. Look for soot build up, cracks, pests, wasp/or squirrel nests that could catch fire.
2. Check leaking or damaged gutters and down spouts; direct runoff away from your foundation.
3. Trim shrubs/bushes/trees near or touching roofing, windows and trim. Shingles can be damaged in high winds, moisture held on wood siding can trip allows decay.
4. Check trim and doors etc. for open gaps. Caulk and seal all penetrations in or against the siding.
5. Check vents and louvers for pest signs. Prevent rodents from entering your home at eves and floor extensions.
6. Drain your lawn sprinklers, hoses and pool equipment prior to freezing weather. Ever tried to roll up a plastic garden hose when it was 35 degrees?
7. Service all heating systems. Change your filters and have the system(s) inspected before use.
Scott Berlyoung owner of Alpha Home Services, LLC.,  can be reached @ 770-751-0737

Need a home to take care of? Call Earl @ 770-377-5793 or email: EARL@EARLPARK.NET

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