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Boost Your Home’s Apprasial Value

What Makes A Home Worth More?

How Much?

Things that help at appraisal Time!
A. Try cleaning the house; “broom clean” is fine, photo shot for magazine not necessary.
B. Curb Appeal Matters A Lot! Pick up the trash, cut the grass and remove the weeds. Paint the mailbox or replace it!
C. Make a list of all the improvements you have made to the house in the last 10 years and give it to the appraiser!
D. Put up the puppy and cat on appraisal date.
E. Fix the small things that need attention before the appraisal–leaky faucets, broken windows, missing safety rails and all running toilets.
F. All lights should work and be on during the appraisal.
G. No safety defects!
H. No peeling paint and no marks on the walls. Repaint/recover the walls
I Remove the clutter
J. Have current comp’s on hand to show the appraiser.
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