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Are Surveys Really Necessary?

Why Survey My Property?

Some time ago, I had to literally make a good client order a survey for a car wash he was purchasing.  With title insurance he felt he did not need a new survey. Again, I insisted and the client finally consented to the $3000.00 commercial property survey. The seller had insisted all boundaries were OK and correct. A week later the survey results came in and guess what; all the tall poles securing the illumination lights that had been  installed by the local electrical utility were on a gas station’s land next door to the car wash. Title insurance would not have covered such an issue.  The seller had to pay greater than $20,000.00 to correct the issue before the sale. The same boundary issues,  right of way issues or drive way boundaries could/can be found on residential  properties. There are cases where the builder  had built the home over the property line or the property was sub-divided after the home was built. In all cases, correcting the issue after the purchase(if at all possible) is a much greater problem than the cost of a surve before the purchase is completed. This is even more important with bank foreclosures and short sales where there are no guarantees or disclosures. 
 The old saying was: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!
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